Ikyu sells valuable Japanese traditional products, mainly Osaka-Sakai kitchen knives (Wa Bocho) to customers over the world.
Soul entered knives by skilled Japanese craftsmen commits "pleasure of ownership" to the customer who bought.

◆ About production of Wa Bocho
It is said that the shape and production of Japanese knives were established in the Edo period. Even with today's advanced technologies, manual production methods and forging methods are preferred and is loved all over the world by chefs who are fascinated by the blade's sharpness. There is a large amount of emphasis placed on the sliced section since the beauty of a cross section cut is very important in Japanese cooking. It would not be an exaggeration to say that without a sharp blade, Japanese cooking would not exist. In addition to carrying out the extremes of cooking, practicality is also important and thus there are many different knives specially designed for each type of ingredient. By using a knife with a sharp blade, you can challenge the most difficult of recipes. Because they are tools that help us to acquire a high level of skill through owning one, first class chefs seek the highest quality knife available.

◆ Handmade by「Itsuo Doi」of the craftsman
Amazing kitchen knife from Sakai, Osaka,Japan ! Produced by Itsuo Doi who is the first class blacksmith.「Ikyu」 is a Japanese knife ( Wa Bocho) brand that produces by the blacksmith Itsuo Doi who is getting the highest ratings from chefs over the world and his childhood friend Hisahiro Hanajiri, developing a number of products in which Japanese culture has been fused.

◆ About production of Sakai knife
Sakai knives are produced dividing into blacksmiths, blade sharpening, handle fitting, and each of them has own factory. Therefore, each craft worker pays full attention to the job given to himself, so high-quality kitchen knives are produced.Among blacksmiths, Mr Itsuo Doi, who has the highest skill & most important position, he uniquely keeps the traditional manufacturing method, and production request comes by nomination from all over the world.

◆ Before a Japanese knife is made
To make a kitchen knife, it first undergoes firing and manufacturing processes. The joining of soft iron and steel, the shaping process, the impressive sight of the blacksmith making sparks fly all make up the scenery of this task. The work consists of striking soft iron and steel by hammer so that the gaps between them become a vacuum. A good blacksmith doesn't fire at the highest temperature, but rather the lowest acceptable one, and works to make a knife with good sharpness and excellent durability. This means using a low enough temperature to join the iron and steel parts of the knife while keeping them vividly distinct. (Quenching) → Japanese kitchen knives only become knives after undergoing "quenching". The heated knife is hardened by dipping it in water or oil. All Sakai Japanese knives are quenched in water. Quenching in water results in rapid cooling, resulting in a kitchen knife with high hardness. (Tempering) → Tempering is the process of toughening the steel. By taking the cooled steel, warming it at a low temperature again and slowly letting it cool, the metal becomes tougher. This results in both a knife blade that is hard to break, and an overall sharp knife. (Cold forging)→ After tempering, the cooled knife is forged. Nowadays this work is often done with machine hammers, but the craftsmen work from the tip of the blade to its end, vertically and horizontally, listening carefully to the sound of their hammers. This stitch-like precision results in a knife strong against twists and distortions. It is said that blacksmiths who spend more time on cold tempering than firing create better knives.

◆About Us
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IKYU Selection
Ikyu-Japan Avenue was born in Osaka and is managed by members who was born and raised in Osaka. Osaka is also said to be the city of a merchant, and it is also a town where many interesting products are consolidated. In Ikyu Selection, we introduce and sell to overseas what the Japanese people commonly use, what they are eating, etc.