SUPER TOGERU - Strong suppoer for knife sharpening



SUPER TOGERU - Strong suppoer for knife sharpening

A strong for knife sharpener
When sharpening a knife, it is said good to keeping on the angle of 15 degrees against the whetstone.
However, it is difficult for beginners to sharpen while maintaining a certain angle like a professional sharpener.
So, what I would like to introduce is a strong supporter of knife sharpening, SUPER TOGERU.
Set SUPER TOGERU on the back of a knife, you can sharpen a certain angle easily.
The clip part is made of resin hard to scratch the knife, and the part hitting the whetstone uses alumina ceramics.
By lengthening the total length of SUPER TOGERU, it is possible to sharpen stable without moving many times.

¥ 1,200